Monday, July 12, 2010

Get your mails through SMS

If you are using hotmail or live mail, you can get your mails through your mobile free of cost. Just you have to do is visit “this” site and login to your live or hotmail account.

Type your mobile number there. Eg:9400024365
Then press Next.
Now you will get a verification code in your mobile. (Eg:4873) Put this verification code in the verification box and press Next.

In the next window select Hotmail. Then you will get a Pricing and terms of use window, there press I agree button.

 Finally press Save button.

Now you will get all of your mails through SMS which was sent to your hotmail or live mail inbox. But the whole message will not be sent through SMS, they will send only subject and some part of the matter free of cost. If you want more part of that mail reply M to that number. But remember that, they will charge approximately Rs.1.50 to reply message

-Prasanna SP


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