Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BSNL BroadBand issues in Linux

Some people complains that BSNL Broadband doesn't work properly in Linux. I've noticed that with the default settings, it takes longer time load some websites. (like ಕಣಜ). But it is not Linux operating system's problem. The problem is with BSNL's name server. So the best solution for this is to use Google Public DNS ( or Open DNS ( Here in my system I use Google Public DNS as primary and OpenDNS as secondary servers. It works much better than BSNL name server.

(Before doing this changes, I suggest you to write down your current DNS server address so that if anything goes wrong, you can restore the previous settings.)

To change the current settings, Go to Preferences ---> Network Connections. Select your connection and press Edit. Type your password if asked. Then hit IPv4 or IPv6 tab whichever is used. Select Automatic (PPPoE) address only in the method. In the DNS servers column, type, (GoogleDNS and OpenDNS separated by comma.) Then click Save. Close Network Connections.

Now connect to Internet and try to load sites which were not opening before. If it works, Great! enjoy the BroadBand. Or if you still having the same problem, restore the previous settings and contact your system administrator.


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Nan PCli windows Xp upayogisthidini adre iththichege Run program PC open maddaga shuru agthide enirbahudu tondare daya maadi thilisuvira?

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